Gray Tackle System Wrap & Grip L2

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Gray Tackle System Wrap & Grip L2

The Level 2 Wrap + Grip Low Bag is part of the ‘Gray Tackle System’ and can be used in isolation or as part of the full tackle system. This piece of equipment has been specifically designed to isolate accurate Level 2 body height, tackle accuracy and the immediate tackle follow-up technique of arm wrap, strong grip and head placement, body shape and finishing off the tackle in a dominant position.

  • The training aid will also bring about consistent body shape
  • Promote strong finishes within the collision area
  • Training with this piece of equipment helps you achieve and maintain accurate body height
  • Grip bars are placed along the bag to make it more difficult to tackle
  • Players are encouraged to fight for strong hand placement on the bars once they have carried out the initial wrap
  • Senior Dimensions
  • 1100mm x 450mm. Weight 21kg
  • Junior Dimensions
  • 850mm x 340mm. Weight 11kg
  • Please call to order for shipping costs


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Gray Tackle System Wrap & Grip L2
259,59 €